The Thinner the Glass, The Shallower We Become

I was speaking with a wise Israeli grandmother recently who made the above statement about devices and technology which I paraphrased. I try not to get too philosophical on this blog but the statement got me thinking and it no doubt will have a similar effect on others.

I am sure we have all noticed that as gadgets evolve, we become more addicted to them and we lose the rich and deep interpersonal relationships which make society what it once was.

For example, meals used to be conversation-rich, gadget-free zones and these days a family can be out to lunch with each member spending more time on their devices than speaking with each other.

Moreover, dating sites present potential companions like rows in a spreadsheet or cars on a lot. We don’t take the time to get to know people but instead focus on the few details which we see on a web page. And a single flaw may cause someone to dismiss a potential boyfriend or girlfriend the way they might delete an email because the subject line isn’t appealing.

In essence our inter-personal communications and relationships are becoming more productive and I wonder if that’s always a good thing.

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