Altair: LTE the Right Choice for M2M & IOT

Some of my early conversations about the M2M and IoT space with carriers had them explaining to me how they love these growing markets because they allow their legacy networks to be utilized to generate additional revenue. In addition, M2M products didn’t come with customer service costs associated with retail customers.

Fast forward some years and the case is now being made that it is smarter to roll out M2M and IoT solutions on LTE networks. The reason? Basically, legacy networks eventually get mothballed and when they do your sensor network may need to be upgraded. This can be a colossal pain in the rear so it is obviously better to plan a bit more upfront and have less headaches down the road.

For many years I have met with Altair Semiconductor and they would explain their position on the future of networks. They believe 4G LTE only chips are the way to go.

Here is my history covering the company… If you go far back enough – they were once focused on WiMAX chips – in 2008 and in 2009. Then when LTE won the war, they refocused and touted wins in 2013. Earlier this year they told me IoT will be an important part of their future.


The company certainly has done well with its LTE strategy and based on this track record, their ideas are certainly worth consideration. Here is my interview with Eran Eshed from the recent ITEXPO M2M Evolution event in Las Vegas where he details the company’s vision for success in the M2M and IoT spaces.

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