Avaya DevConnect 2007

As you may recall from a recent post, TMC has partnered with Avaya to promote its Developer Connection or DevConnect event which is taking place this week. Here are some photos of this standing room only conference which I hear is doing very well. My team is at the show and tell me things are going exceedingly well. Here are some photos and a great article written by Erik Linask about the conference.
Here is an excerpt:
In addition to promoting the growth of SIP, Avaya is also simplifying its DevConnect program for 2008 — while enhancing the value membership provides. Specifically, Avaya is offering a greater choice to members in terms of opting for added testing or marketing support, or both. Among the key benefits of partnering with Avaya is testing is conducted in-house at its facilities in Lincroft, New Jersey, not through a third-party facility, as is the case with other vendors. 
Rossman says the Avaya Labs (NewsAlert) facility is something the company continues to invest in, largely because Avaya sees the value in embracing the developer community. By building the DevConnect program based on recommendations and requests from members, Avaya solidifies its commitment to enhancing not only its own solutions and those of its partners, but also driving innovation across the entire communications landscape.

Here are some shots from the Avaya Interoperability Lab:

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