Back from Canada

I finished my tour of The Great White North and am back in the US where I feel much more comfortable using my electronics. With my data usage I always get the feeling I will see multi-thousand dollar wireless bills for a few days of use. In less than ten hours I went over the AT&T Mobility data usage limit my MIS team had set at 20 Mb. Suffice it to say Trapster is a bandwidth hog… Not to mention tons of email with attachments.

The EVDO in my laptop worked great in Canada — it was every bit as good as the US. Likewise Rogers 3G was as fast as AT&T. I know many people complain about AT&T service and it is  still inferior to Verizon but getting better by the day.

At the moment I am in a six-hour marathon drive from Rochester to Mass. It is a gray day and the leaves haven’t turned yet so it is not such a great trip from a visual perspective.

At least I’m getting lots of work done. 🙂

The trends are the same as they have been for a while. Hosted is hot, hardware is not selling as well as it used to and video has lots of potential. Obviously this info is not lost on Cisco who picked up Tandberg today.

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