Cablevision Allows E-Mail Sign-ups in TV Ads

Yes Virginia, cable companies are innovating

Just yesterday I discussed in an article about Cisco Quad that it is very hard it is to determine who the leaders in tech will be in the future. And today when I learned that Cablevision added e-mail opt-in for its television advertisers, I got to thinking about how this will change the world for companies like Groupon, Yahoo and Google.

The way the system works is a Cablevision IO TV customer could decide they want to join an e-mail list of an advertiser to receive selected coupons and offers. A screen overlay is presented on the program they are viewing until the transaction is complete.

The first advertisers to use the service are Ford Motor Co.’s Lincoln brand, Benjamin Moore & Co. and the Adirondack Regional Tourism Council.

Royal Caribbean’s two-week test campaign promoted a “two for the price of one” travel offer. The campaign garnered 3,000 email opt-ins with 24% redemption rates, according to a statement from Cablevision – says DM News.

The end game for Cablevision is to allow advertisers to sell products directly from their TV sets and if the company is successful it will pit it against other online commerce companies such as Amazon, potentially Google and more.

The point is while you may be thinking all the excitement in tech is coming from a new wave of venture-funded dotcoms as well as veterans like Google and Amazon, you shouldn’t discount cable companies who are innovating and improving – knowing full well they have to keep up and lead by implementing new technology or risk getting wiped out by it.

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