Delayed in Orlando — Could Be Worse

I just passed through one of the loudest thunderstorms ever on the way to Orlando‘s airport. This may explain the delay in my flight. Thankfully there is a table here at Outback Steakhouse with a power outlet next to it so at least I can blog while eating salmon. I also noticed that the EVDO is a bit slow here. Or so I thought.

As I recall Orlando was one of the first cities to have Verizon’s 1xRTT service and I was one of the first to get on that network in February of 2002 and one of the reasons I switched from the Sprint wireless network was because of the promised speed of 1x. Another reason was that I was traveling to Orlando and Utah, both cities were some of the first to get the 1XRTT service.

Apparently it isn’t Verizon that is slow. Google Sidebar has been indexing my PC for days and that is the reason for the sluggishness when I connect to the office. Google only lets you pause indexing for 15 minutes so I need to hit the pause button repeatedly. Hopefully this tool will prove itself useful over time and make up for these minor annoyances.

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