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If you just can’t get enough of Allan Sulkin – you will want to be part of an upcoming ECA/Internet Telephony Magazine webinar focusing on the latest market developments in the communications space. Allan has a unique style. He has been in telecom for decades and understands the nuances and trends that are lost on virtually all others.

This knowledge comes wrapped in a straightforward style that many find refreshing. Some may find his demeanor a but rough around the edges but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to Allan so you can decide for yourself. He will really tell it like it is with no sugar-coating.

Allan will present TEQConsult Group’s (his consulting company) updated market share estimates for both KTS/Hybrid and PBX system suppliers; 2006 shipment data and five year forecasts for the Key/Hybrid and PBX market sectors, including IP penetration levels. He’ll also report on peripheral application solutions such as contact centers, messaging, and unified communications, and reveal which of these are generating real revenues and which are still in their hype stage.

An update on competitive activities will include a review of recent product announcements and which competitors are making all the right moves. For example, is Cisco primed to assume market leadership and dominance or will old-timers like Avaya and Nortel be able to maintain their perches at the top?

Regarding future competitors, Microsoft’s current and future role in the enterprise communications market space will be discussed, including a scenario how the software company can potentially create a new paradigm for defining the voice systems market. Sulkin will also present his view of the perceived “threat” of network hosted IP telephony offerings by telcos and third party service providers: is it real or a lot of smoke?

So hopefully you will sign up for this webinar and watch it live on Wednesday, May 26 at 2 pm EST or on-demand at a later date.

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