Edgesource Launches Tier 1 Cyber Certification

Tier 1 Cyber CEO, Bret C. Cohen

Hackers are scanning the internet constantly, looking for holes to exploit. Systems which haven’t been patched quickly are an especially easy target. Misconfigured firewalls are another easy one to break into. For this reason it is important every business take the threat seriously and either hire the best CyberSecurity talent they can find or outsource to experts.

Government contractor Edgesource Corporation has a new Tier 1 certification which consists of a 1,000-point assessment. The goal is to inspect the network and business, before something bad happens like a hacker breaking in and stealing intellectual property, military secrets or financial records of customers or executives.

“Security is not a one-size-fits-all model,” explains Tier 1 Cyber CEO, Bret C. Cohen. “Organizations need to proactively and aggressively address all areas of cybersecurity as they pertain to their particular business. Too many solutions take a siloed approach that leaves gaps in protection that organizations may not even be aware of until it’s too late. We layer in-depth knowledge of new regulatory regimes with advanced technical and threat detection capabilities to expose and remediate issues, and keep your business in-step with the latest compliance frameworks.”

“With Edgesource at the forefront of intelligence cybersecurity, we are launching Tier 1 Cyber to bring the same level of vigilance and expertise to protect commercial enterprises around the world. The prevalence and expense of cyber attacks on companies are growing daily and we see a compelling need to bring our comprehensive cybersecurity program to organizations of all sizes,” said Edgesource CEO J. Christopher Lansburgh.

We can’t emphasize how important it is to ensure your company is cyber secure before a breach happens. Companies which are unprepared run a great risk of being put out of business or having to pay substantial ransoms or deal with business disruption which can last days, weeks or months.

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