Europe Opens the iPhone Market

Recently I posted an article regarding the strategic advantage afforded the country with the most wireless device choice. In summary – if mobile devices increase productivity then having the best mobile device for your particular application means a higher likelihood of maximal productivity.
This recent post came to mind when I learned Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile unit said Wednesday it will offer Apple Inc’s iPhone without a contract in Germany to comply with a court injunction issued after Vodafone challenged its exclusive lock on the device.
It seems this ruling will change the way Apple will be selling the iPhone in various countries as it will likely be impossible to lock these devices in many parts of the world.
While I think telephone companies should be free from as much regulation as possible I also know the more locks and other techniques phone companies use to eliminate competition, the worse it is for consumers everywhere.
There needs to be some balance between the needs of a society – to be as productive as possible – and the needs of service provider shareholders. In Europe it seems the needs of the citizens of the EU win out. I wonder if this will ever happen in the US.

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