Identity Management is the Decade’s Killer App and Facebook Knows it

How long before we hear the TSA say, “Boarding pass and Facebook ID please?”

Have we gotten to the point where Facebook has become so dominant facebook-credit-card.pngas an online identity system that is going to enter the real world with business cards which can be read via NFC and RFID. Well according to a new Facebook trademark application the company seems to have huge ambitions in the offline world and one can easily see how a Facebook ID can become even more secure than a government issued identification card.

And for that matter, it is only a matter of time before such a card could be used as a payment system competing with credit card companies and banks.

Identity management is this decade’s killer app and Facebook knows it… Once you have information on who a person is and it is authenticated, you open up the world of secure commerce. Couple this with location and you have a powerful security mechanism which could be used to ensure your Facebook charge card can only work when it is in the same location as your phone for example. In this way, even if your card gets stolen, you can’t get charged because the thief hopefully won’t have your phone as well.

If you are a bank, you should be worried… Very worried.

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