Kathy Johns

Heading back from Mass we were looking for a lunch place that was better than fast food you might find off the highway. The decision of course was Kathy John’s restaurant in Storrs, CT located a stone’s throw from the University of Connecticut (UCONN) my alma mater. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to stop by and see how the university has improved. The last time I saw it was five years ago or so and the campus was much nicer than when I was a student. I hear it continues to improve.
Back to the restaurant, the hodgepodge soup is still as good as always. The desserts looked fantastic but I resisted temptation. Back in the late eighties the ice cream at the restaurant came from the UCONN dairy and couldn’t be better. Kathy Johns is on the corner of route 44 and 195. It is still highly recommended.

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