Kustomer Embraces Future of Work with AI and ML Upgrades

We told you back in May Kustomer was reinventing CRM: “We are like Salesforce but 20 years newer and 20 years more modern,” exclaimed Brad Birnbaum, CEO and founder in a telephone interview. “Once a decade, every product needs to be reinvented.”

As a reminder, the company’s big differentiator is real-time, actionable views of customers, enabling continuous omnichannel conversations. This coupled with intelligence that automates repetitive, manual tasks.

The company’s goal is to make personalized, efficient and effortless customer service a reality.

The company has just release KustomerIQ, Bringing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Enterprise Customer Service.

KustomerIQ integrates machine learning models and other advanced AI capabilities with the Kustomer platform’s powerful data, workflow, and rules engines to enable companies to provide smarter, automated customer experiences that are more personalized, efficient, and effortless. The Kustomer platform differentiates via the comprehensiveness of available customer data and its business process automation that is driven by branchable, multi-step workflows and custom business logic.

Brad Birnbaum, Co-Founder and CEO of Kustomer

“In today’s crowded market, excellent customer service is often the differentiator that builds loyalty and trust between one brand to another,” said Brad. “With KustomerIQ and the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into our omnichannel platform, Kustomer will now go even further in helping brands automate their business processes, while making it easier for their agents to take action on customer information, ultimately developing a stronger and more profitable customer relationship.”

Kustomer IQ is bringing new smart customer service features to the Kustomer platform, including:

  • Automated Conversation Classification: Intelligently categorizes and classifies conversations using Machine Learning and attributes of the conversation and customer.
  • Queues and Routing: Routes customers to the most appropriate agent using conversation classification, agent skills and overall team capacity to drive the machine learning model. As a result, KustomerIQ helps companies improve customer satisfaction, increase first call resolution and reduce wait and handle times.
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis: Using Natural Language Processing, the Kustomer platform can read messages between customers and agents and quantify how a customer feels about a brand in real-time. Seeing customers’ sentiment helps agents empathize with customers in a digital medium, and thus determine the best way to communicate with them.
  • Automatic Language Detection: Using Natural Language Processing, the Kustomer platform can automatically identify the language being used in a conversation and then route the customer to an agent that speaks the language. In addition, if a company has pre-written responses (shortcuts) set up in multiple languages, those responses will automatically switch to the language used by the customer to ensure a better experience for both customer and agent.
  • Suggested Agent Shortcuts: Provide recommended pre-written responses to agents based on conversation and customer attributes to help agents immediately access the knowledge they need to resolve customer issues faster.
  • Customer Self-Service: Automatically suggests help articles from a company’s knowledge base providing an immediate answer to a simple customer question without interacting with an agent, so customers get answers faster and agents can focus time on more complex customer inquiries. By giving a customer more self-service options it also lowers agent volumes and improves resolution and handle times.
  • Workforce Management: Helps to predict future conversation volume and staffing needs based on historical and trend data of items, such as SLA attainment and seasonality. Can also assist in identifying training needs by providing insights into areas where an agent or agents are deficient.

This new AI and ML upgrade to Kustomer more closely aligns it with the definition of the Future of Work – solutions integrating the best of human and AI/ML integration. It’s an exciting time for organizations looking to partake in a digital transformation to more effectively compete in the market.

Where do organizations go to learn even more? The world’s only Future of Work Expo (collocated with the ITEXPO #TechSuperShow) of course. Feb 12-14, 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


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