Metaswitch Forum 2010 CTO Show


Federating and aggregation are key to carriers looking to compete in the new world was a message from the Metaswitch Forum this morning during the CTO Show presentation. Andy Randall, senior vice president of marketing and business development, sets the stage for CTO Chris Mairs who lays out a service provider blueprint for the next decade.


The audience was presented with a a colorful history of technology starting with the steam engine to the present and there was lots of talk about common day opportunities.


One recurring theme was Google as customer – carriers know the search engine is competitor but talk of working with them as a customer was frequent. Other discussions revolved around open APIs and and the company will participate in ecommerce and social networking companies through loose affiliations.


Transition to cloud will be a fundamental reconfiguration of our business and those adjacent to our own. Carriers will have to look to new ecosystems to replace current revenue streams. The alliances and money flow of the future are unknown and like the Planet of the Apes – we will be on the same planet but it may not be recognizable.


The final thought is Metaswitch wants to be the partner to help carriers survive and prosper in this new, exciting and challenging landscape.

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