News to Know Before New Year’s 2011

The bitter fight between Oracle and SAP over copyright infringement got more bitter with courts agreeing SAP owes Oracle $16.5M in interest on the $1.3B award Oracle received. While less than the $211.7M Oracle sought, Oracle will also get reimbursed by SAP for $120M in attorney fees.

Let’s say you got a NookColor for Christmas but your books are all on Amazon’s Kindle service… You can now read Kindle books on the Nook – but you need to put on your propeller hat first.

Most Indian telcos must roll out services on wireless spectrum they purchase from the fovernment in a year or pay fines. At least three Indian telecommunication companies–Etisalat DB Telecom Pvt. Ltd., Loop Telecom Pvt. Ltd. and Unitech Wireless Ltd.–have paid a penalty to the federal government for the delayed launch of mobile telephony services within the stipulated time.

The number of apps in the Android space doubled in two months from 100k to 200k and over 2.5B Android apps have been downloaded. Take the unofficial 200K number with a grain of salt – it will likely get officially revised down to 140-160k in my opinion.

The smart grid market is white hot – with growth that is – the actually grid itself is perfectly safe thank you very much. In fact Mark Armentrout, President of the Texas Institute will discuss his smart grid vision at the Smart Grid Summit Feb 2-4, 2011 in Miami. Additional sessions include: The Voice of the Customer: Are Utilities Listening? This panel features Ulysses Learning’s Dina Vance, and Nuance’s Christy Murfitt. Also Transmission and Distribution: Building a Strong Foundation. This session features Rudi Schubert, Principal Consultant of EnerNex Corporation. You likely know this already but if not, I am the CEO of TMC and my company along with partners host this event – along with a number of others in the tech space such as ITEXPO the first week of February in south Florida.

Speaking of hot, Skype’s IPO is scheduled for next year and the recent outage certainly cast a shadow over the company. Now, it turns out we know what went wrong – 50% of Windows Skype clients run version and 40% of those failed – apparently a bug overloaded the supernodes which are needed to keep Skype’s service up and running.

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