Poor CRM = Go Directly to Jail

monopoly-go-to-jail-card.jpgRemember a few months back when I wrote that providing poor CRM could dent your SEO? The story revolved around website Decormyeyes.com – and its owner Vitaly Borker who was generally rude and insulting to customers. He went so far as to send pictures of their homes to intimidate them. Not only did Google reduce his SEO as a result of an article in the New York Times, he is now going to prison. It’s worth pointing out that The New York Times article led to increased scrutiny by law enforcement agencies and he is now in trouble for mail fraud among other crimes.

Before the Internet, it was widely believed that when you provide poor service, each customer tells ten others. Since the advent of the Internet, poor customer service can spread to thousands, potentially millions and in this case it led to an arrest.

If that isn’t bad enough, check out the Alexa chart of page views to the Decormyeyes site – a brief spike relating to the popular coverage followed by a drop.


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