(Tech) Change is Here

If you had to rank the technological savvy of the White House you would probably put them at a three out of ten at best. If you ever read my post about the White House email controversy you might rank the world’s most powerful “house” at a one. You remember – they were archiving emails in PST files 10 times greater than the recommended average. Nuts.

The situation was highlighted as the Obama administration took office and found Windows XP computers, phone lines which didn’t work, a lack of laptops and who even knows if there was any WiFi.

“It is kind of like going from an Xbox to an Atari,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton said of his new office.

Part of the reason for a lack of technology has to do with security but I am not sure I am comfortable knowing the nation’s biggest corporations and government agencies use technology to conduct their daily business activity but it isn’t secure enough for the White House.

An article on the matter mentions officials in the press office were prepared by having cell phones and Gmail accounts so they could communicate effectively.

So here is the question. In many businesses, mine included, keeping up with the latest technology is the way you survive. Falling behind means the competition becomes more efficient and wipes you out.

As an example, TMC is giving away a new Jeep at ITEXPO soon and when contacting 11 dealers via email for quotes only a few responded. Amazing indeed but again, those dealers behind the curve will not be around for long-haul.

The obvious question is why is the government held to a different standard than your business or mine? It is time for all of us to make sure we tell the government at all levels there is one standard.

But now we have a new administration which is tech-savvy and who has already frozen salaries in response to the economic crisis. I am hoping President Obama inspires millions in the nation to get more involved in blogging and social networking and IP communications.

I am further hoping he gets the entire government more automated.

Just as you and I compete in business, America too has to compete with the rest of the world. If the leadership of our country is out of touch with tech, how can we ever compete effectively in the future?

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