That Was Easy

I feel a bit guilty so I thought I would share my story with others in the hopes that I can pay back Staples for their niceness. You see, recently I ordered some freezable ice packs from the office supply store but somehow I made a mistake. Instead of ordering four ice packs, I ended up ordering four boxes of 24 ice packs.

Basically my desk at TMC is now surrounded by these things and they weigh a ton. I called Staples to tell them I made a mistake and a pleasant woman told me I would receive a call about how to return my items in the next few days.

The call came later that day and the voicemail said the warehouse didn’t need any more of the product I was sent but I will receive a refund. The caller suggested I dispose of or donate them.

So often I use this blog to complain about companies who do things I don’t like, I wanted to make sure to also point out that sometimes companies do positive things that are worthy of sharing.

Sure, I don’t think I will ever use this many ice packs and I am not sure where I would donate them to. In the mean time I have been giving some of them to TMC team members and if you read this blog, I suggest you too shop at Staples — perhaps you will get something for nothing or maybe you will help me repay them for their generosity and get rid of some of this guilt I keep feeling.

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