Twitter Buys Posterous: Point, Counterpoint with Peter Radizeski

Twitter just announced it has picked up blogging service Posterous and as a past user of the service I must say, did find it useful at the time I used it. Before I continue however I’d like to set up a point counterpoint where TMC blogger Peter Radizeski will present the negatives of this deal while I present the positives.

Here are Peter’s thoughts:

  1. So Twitter, the micro-blogging platform, acquired a macro-blogging platform, Posterous.
  2. According to the Twitter blog,  the key to the acquisition was the staff?
  3. They wanted the talent. How often does the talent stick around after the culture shifts?
  4. Sachin Agarwal, founder and CEO of Posterous, goes from being a CEO to a Product Manager. In some cases, that is okay of Agarwal gets to pursue a passion or a goal he was seeking.  If there is an ego, though, that new title will be a killer.
  5. Posterous is a blogging platform. I’m still stretching to see the revenue from this acquisition or the synergy. What does twitter need with a blogging platform?

Here are my thoughts:

  1. Posterous is a great service as it allows users to utilize email to share their thoughts.
  2. Twitter seems to be slowly branching out gobbling up complimentary services and this move fits with this trend.
  3. One big drawback to Posterous is when it is used, people complained to me they would have to click additional links to get to the content.
  4. In other words Posterous was a useful service for me as it didn’t force me to shorten my content to 140 characters and now Twitter could merge the services making the experience better for posters like me and users who consume the content.
  5. It is no secret that Twitter needs to grow and becoming more like Facebook through this acquisition is the logical way to do this.
  6. I suggested they purchase Myspace last year but perhaps the timing was bad – this move is incremental and allows Twitter to slowly  take the plunge from microblogging to macroglogging and eventually social network

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