CNBC Plus gets Much Needed Upgrade



I have been a CNBC fan for many years but their paid online service CNBC Plus is pretty lousy because it seems to be an afterthought. Some things it does do well are allow you to stream live CNBC coverage and arrange archived video in any order of your choosing. Years back, the streaming product lost functionality for months and customer service didn’t respond with any useful information on the matter after repeated attempts. I covered this problem two years ago and to say the company was very slow to react is an understatement.

It really needs to be upgraded. For example, one of the obvious problems any second grader would be able to point out is why would the service be limited to Internet Explorer only? In this day and age this makes no sense. Especially when you can watch free videos on CNBC with any browser. To clarify, the paid customers pay $120/year and have major limitations while the free viewers can use the browser of their choosing.

Obviously not smart.

Moreover if you use a plug-in to trick Web sites into thinking Firefox is IE, CNBC Plus will work. It seems the restriction is potentially arbitrary.

Now CNBC is about to upgrade this service with improved video, availability on multiple platforms such as mobile devices and better desktop and mobile integration. In addition there will be a live ticker.

Although I mute the screen most of the time, CNBC Plus is generally always running on my Internet connected computer. I just can’t wait to see it improved and hope the new product is something I can recommend highly to my readers.

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