Stop the Spending Before it is Too Late

There is a simple fact that every American knows but many are scared to confront – our government is spending us into near-bankruptcy. Every dollar which we have to borrow to spend adds to the problem.

Other countries who have done the exact same thing have seen hyperinflation where the value of the money decreases so fast you have to rush to the store to spend your paycheck because if you don’t, it will buy half as much or less a few days later.

One example of hyperinflation due to the government weimar-hyperinflation-caused-money-to-be-used-as-wallpaper.jpgprinting too much money was in the Weimar Republic less than a hundred years ago where as Wikipedia points out the money was so worthless, it was used as wallpaper!

This situation led to the Nazi takeover of Germany which launched a new currency called the Reichsmark where one of these new notes was issued in exchange for 1 billion of the Weimar Marks. When this happened, prices were reduced by 12 zeros!

There is an incredible ad which details how countries like China are taking over the US by becoming the country which loans us money which we in-turn waste. This is the same money spent on various stimulus plans that have created far less jobs than projected if any net jobs at all.

To keep the ad above running on TV where I just saw it, be sure to immediately contribute to Citizens Against Government Waste.

The election next week is a choice between continuing to borrow money and spend it on wasteful projects and raising taxes on all of us to pay for it all – or a return to a smaller government which allows its citizens to prosper by implementing common sense regulation and a more stable and steady business environment.

Having said that – the Republicans and Tea Party are expected to win many seats. We need to hold whoever is elected accountable to us the citizens and if you are a Tea Party member or conservative – it is not enough to have your candidate win. We must watch them like hawks 24×7 and throw them out of office if they continue bloating the government on borrowed money.

If you don’t vote for a conservative candidate for yourself – do it for your children who will have to clean up the financial mess we are leaving them – $111 trillion+ in unfunded liabilities and counting is theirs to deal with and believe me, they will not enjoy the opportunities we’ve enjoyed if they have to give half or more of their income to pay the interest on the debt from failed stimulus and government bloat and waste.

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