Moveworks Gets $75M for Future of Tech Support

Moveworks officially introduced their AI solution to autonomously resolve employee IT issues in the enterprise. Already deployed and endorsed by CIOs at Fortune 500 and leading enterprise companies such as Autodesk, Broadcom, and Nutanix, Moveworks combines NLU, advanced conversational-AI, and process automation to identify the optimal solution and fully resolve IT issues, instantly and autonomously.

With Moveworks, companies can completely eliminate the need for IT staff to work on tasks such as provisioning applications, resetting passwords, unlocking accounts, managing email lists, and answering questions so they can focus on high-value activities.

Bhavin Shah, CEO and co-founder, Moveworks

“Technology is the backbone of business productivity, yet, the average IT support ticket takes three entire days to resolve,” said Bhavin Shah, CEO and co-founder, Moveworks. “IT teams waste valuable time and money resolving the same issues over and over again. But it’s a hard business problem to solve and all of the approaches up to now have involved a lot of manual work supported by heavy processes and workflow tools. That’s why we built Moveworks: to provide the enterprise with an instant and autonomous solution that doesn’t just log the issue, but does the work.”

“We decided to approach the problem from a new angle. We developed our own NLU system that’s pre-trained to understand IT support issues,” continues Shah. “Once the system correctly deciphers the issue, it can decide the best course of action to take. And we’ve built numerous integrations into common enterprise tools so we can then go and complete the task or retrieve the right piece of information. We designed the system to learn continuously from every interaction at every customer. So we have this kind of network effect where the more customers we bring on, and the more employees we serve, the smarter the system gets for everyone.”

Shah concludes, “We believe that software should be graded not by how many features it has, or how many workflows you can build, but by how much real work it’s doing, such as completing tasks or resolving issues. This is where strong forms of AI really start to change the game, not just making suggestions but actually doing the work.”

Built by machine learning experts from Google and Facebook, Moveworks concludes that up to 75 percent of enterprise IT support issues can be understood and resolved using AI. The company is on its way to hitting that number, with many customers already seeing 25 percent to 35 percent of their daily IT tickets resolved autonomously by Moveworks.

In short – it looks like Moveworks is showing us the future of tech support.

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