Adobe Comes Out Swinging Against Apple

Seeing Adobe Air and Flash run on a device which is similar to the iPad makes users wonder just why Apple has chosen not to support these ubiquitous technologies

Steve Jobs is one of the most powerful people in business and especially technology. So when he comes out publicly and says Adobe’s Flash technology has problems and he won’t support it in his products, people take notice. In response to this threat from Apple, Adobe has gone on the offensive and most recently partnered with HP on the company’s Slate tablet and more importantly have put out a video which shows how powerful Flash can be on a handheld computer.

In the demo below you can see how Adobe’s Air and Flash technology work seamlessly together on a tablet PC. The obvious beauty of such a solution is users have access to the entire web. On the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, you do not have a full Internet experience as there is no Flash support. A half-baked compromise has been reached by many sites that have had to develop apps for the iPhone. I have referred to this double-development as the real Apple Tax in the past and once the iPad is released, expect the tax to increase as many developers will have to create new versions of their device-specific apps.

The question I am interested in learning more about is whether Apple can get away without Flash and Air support on a tablet computer which by definition is more computer/laptop than phone. And if so, will they find a way to disable flash on Apple computers as well.

It seems Apple’s strategy is also half-baked – half the company’s product line will support Flash and half will intentionally not support it. How does that make sense for consumers?


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