Back From Vegas

I just got back from Vegas and thankfully stayed on east coast time while I was out there so I am not feeling any jet-lag – yet anyway. I am still catching up on all the news I missed while away but was interested in the fact that the FCC has mandated CALEA compliance for VoIP. This makes good logical sense and I haven’t heard any grumbling from VoIP providers so I assume this will be relatively easy to implement for most carriers.

On a related security note, Fox News (why do they use that awful blue background on their stories?) reports that Moussaoui will receive life in prison instead of the death penalty. Apparently he yelled out “I won”, “I won” when the verdict was read. Let’s just hope his fellow inmates welcome him with open arms and make him feel like a winner.

Back to VoIP, Verizon is getting more competitive on price – VoiceWing VoIP service is now at $24.95 per month.

Microsoft is now in the paid search market which could be good for advertisers. It is way too soon to see if their newly announced adCenter program will gain traction though. The company has some good ideas like allowing advertisers to target by demographics in the future. As we know Microsoft can do anything to gain share… This includes giving away free ads or paying people to use their search. In fact gives you a 1.57% discount to use their A9 search engine so this wouldn’t be a novel idea.

Perhaps the biggest VoIP news of the week is that Skype is now supporting voice communities through their Skype 2.5 beta that supports conferences of up to 100 simultaneous users! They call this a Skypecast – which is a great name as it reminds me of podcast. Go to for more information on this.

Well I have a backlog of e-mail to get to now so for now I am signing off. By the way we had a record traffic day on TMCnet yesterday – exceeding our previous day’s record by about 25%. Thanks for visiting our family of sites.

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