Google Android Apps Arrive

We have all likely heard about Google Android but for the first time, we will now be able to get our hands on applications that are specifically designed for Android. A La Mobile is the name of the company who has made "Google mobile history" and I can’t think of a better company name to bring us this super-sweet first.

At the moment, the applications will be available for the HTC Qtek 9090. Coincidentally, I sent an e-mail off to HTC PR about a month ago asking to get my hands on one of these powerful gadgets and never heard back. Not sure if I had the right address. So HTC PR — drop me a line if you are reading.

As you might imagine I am thrilled at the prospect of seeing a Google Phone prototype in action.

According to The USA Today the device will have a Google browser, camera, games and more. The challenge for A La Mobile may just be that these are the things I have in my phone already. Well not a Google browser but I am assuming the Mobile edition of Internet Explorer is about as good as a Google browser.

Of course I could be way off base here but on paper (do we need to replace this phrase in the English language with "on LCD?") the specs seem unremarkable at best.

I guess the challenge just may be that Google apps are already mobile in nature. How does the Google Phone one-up the Google applications which already run on mobile devices? As always — time will tell and I am excited about getting my hands on one of these prototypes. So A La Moble and/or HTC — can you send me one of these Android Phones? Pretty please with a cherry on top.

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