Google, Blackberry and Skype News

Two things worth noting this morning have to do with mobility and video. First off, Google Calendar now syncs with Blackberrys. This is big news, allowing corporations to slowly wean themselves off of Microsoft software if they so choose. As Mashable reports, this comes a few days after Google announced a mobile application suite for RIM’s wireless handheld device.
In other news, David Meyer reports that Skype will soon be allowing multi-party videoconferencing otherwise known as Brady Bunch calling or video.
You may recall I asked Skype execs about this feature back in February of this year. Here is an excerpt:
I then asked about multiparty videoconferencing which is sometimes referred to as Brady Bunch calling. The point is being able to display multiple video windows simultaneously. The response was that only tech savvy users have asked for this feature and the typical application where grandma wants to see the kids does not lend itself to such functionality. Besides I was told a third party application did exist to allow this capability but it just didn’t take off.
As a tech savvy user, I am glad the company has chosen to add this feature as it is useful for corporations. One wonders however if you need a multicore CPU to allow high quality Skype video conversations, just what sort of monster machine will you need to have multiparty videoconferencing?

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