Dell, Solio, Provia and More

Today has been a pretty hectic day for me as I was up late at an uncle and aunt’s 50th anniversary party last night (amazing number of years isn’t it?). This AM I had a meeting with the doctor who tells me I am healthy but have higher blood sugar than I should. I would appreciate any of my readers reminding me to not eat chips or cookies going forward. Yes I am serious. 🙁
Tomorrow I have major (for me anyway) dental work and I will be at Pepe’s Pizza later this week with college friends and I will not be dieting. The trick is to eat like a normal person the next day of course.
My ideal weight will be achieved when my face looks like the one at the top of my blogs and columns.
How I got off on this tangent of my personal life is unknown. I guess I am justifying why I haven’t blogged today. I did write a detailed piece on Second Life this weekend so I don’t feel too guilty.
But the news of the day is that ITEXPO registrations are coming in at a fast and furious pace and I am hearing numerous hotels in the Los Angeles area are sold out or filling up quickly. Be sure to make hotel reservations asap and be sure to come to LA for the conference. Remember the dates are Sept. 10-13th, 2007 at the LA Convention Center.
Other interesting news is actually in the green technology arena as Honda who brought hybrid cars to the US is now trying to regain the top hybrid spot in the world with a new concept car.
Code-named the "Global Small Hybrid," Honda’s new gas-electric model won’t be a version of anything else in its lineup. Instead, Honda execs say it will be a five-passenger, small family car priced under $22,000. This time Honda won’t make the mistake of wrapping its hybrid in the sheet metal of its everyday cars: instead, analysts expect the new Honda will have the larva styling the Prius pioneered—which now embodies the green-car look. Honda will also outdo the $23,000, 60mpg Prius on price and mileage in hopes of attracting 100,000 buyers a year—three times what the hybrid Civic sells.
In the world of green data centers, Dell introed the OptiPlex 755, what they call the world’s most manageable, energy efficient commercial desktop ever. According to this release, Dell wants to be the “most green technology vendor.”
In other news, Working Assets Wireless has introduced a new solar-powered charger for mobile devices called the Solio. It is a $100 charger which is free for a limited time only. I did some research on the offer and you need to buy a phone to take advantage of it. Here is link.
Finally, Tom Keating has a great write up on a new iPhone like GPS/media player called the Provia A1 GPS. It is a 3D device which has picture in picture support allowing you to watch a movie and see your GPS directions simultaneously. I bet that won’t cause accidents. 😉
Oh, I almost forgot. Don’t forget to be at the Green Technology World conference which will be held concurrently with ITEXPO in LA.

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