HD Voice Update

This past February at ITEXPO East 2009, I was honored to host the first panel in the world (that I know of) on the topic of HD Voice. Since that time lots of other people have jumped on the bandwagon which I think is great. A tremendous amount of credit goes to Polycom actually for being a true pioneer in the HD voice market. For over a year in fact the company has sponsored a Global Online Community on TMCnet titled HD Voice.

As you can see in the video below, one of the drawbacks to ubiquitous HD voice adoption is the wireless carriers. This is why I am thrilled to let you know Orange Moldova seems to be the world’s first carrier to embrace HD voice in all its glory.

The challenge of course is you have to have a specific Nokia handset the 6720c to take part in the HD voice party. And of course you and the party you connect with have to be in Moldova – which by the way is sandwiched between Romania and the Ukraine.

Other facts of interest – the country’s network has recently been upgraded to 14.4 Mbps and the Nokia phone uses Adaptive Multi Rate – WideBand (AMR-WB) technology. This is great news for the communications market as this new standard could be helpful in generating new sales of communications servers and endpoints as the world transitions to better sounding communications solutions. Expect the discussion to continue at ITEXPO East 2010, January 20-22nd in Miami, FL.

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