Naveego Accelerator Toolkit for Partners Helps Ensure Data Accuracy Across Data Sources

Naveego has been busy this summer bringing its cloud-first data accuracy solutions to partners.

The challenge of data cleansing is rapidly becoming more difficult, as well as expensive. According to Gartner the annual average cost to organizations is $15 million for maintaining bad data. In addition to the high price of legacy systems and customization, poor data quality costs the U.S. economy $3.1 trillion a year.

The Naveego Accelerator performs an overall data accuracy search, analyzing the health of multiple data sources by auto-profiling and conducting a cross-system comparison to effectively calculate the percentage of records with consistency errors that impact business operations and profitability. This proof of value tool delivers profiling analysis results and data health metrics in minutes and allows users to set data quality checks to investigate accuracy issues even further.

“Today’s hybrid infrastructure is increasingly complex, driving the need for a data accuracy solution that unifies and manages both traditional and new data sources into a single accurate record for business advantage,” said Katie Horvath, CEO, Naveego. “The Naveego Accelerator tool was designed to give partners and customers a simple way to proactively manage, detect and eliminate data accuracy issues across all enterprise data sources in real-time. As a result, enterprises have a 360-degree view of all information assets to ensure they’re working with the most reliable data possible for long-term global data health and business value.”

The company’s next-generation data accuracy platform with self-service MDM and advanced security features ensure golden record across multiple enterprise data systems. The company says this can result in deployments which are five times faster with significant savings as well.

The Naveego Complete Data Accuracy Platform is a hybrid and multi-cloud, distributed data accuracy solution that proactively manages, detects and eliminates customer data accuracy issues across all enterprise data sources to ensure a single golden record and make data consistent across the enterprise. It prevents data lakes from becoming data swamps by leveraging Kubernetes, Apache Kafka and Apache Spark technologies to enable rapid deploy, distributed processing and seamless integration with data no matter where it lives, and it fully supports on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Naveego provides data accuracy at high volume with real-time streaming from any data source in any environment regardless of its schema or structure.

“Companies across all industries are reimagining themselves within a digitally transformed future. Central to that future is leveraging a data tsunami resulting from newly connected consumers, products and processes,” said Michael Ger, General Manager, Automotive and Manufacturing Solutions, Cloudera. “Within this context, data quality has taken on critical new importance. The Naveego data accuracy platform is critical for enabling traditional approaches to business intelligence as well as modern-day big data analytics. The reason for this is clear – actionable insights start with clean data, and that’s exactly what the Naveego platform delivers.”

Features of Naveego’s Next Generation Data Accuracy Platform Include:

  • Self-service: With an easy, intuitive user interface, the Naveego platform enables all business users to access trusted data without having to rely on IT to deliver the results they need. Users can work with the platform without even understanding what a database is or the application where the information resides.
  • Golden-Record-as-a-Service: Makes the golden record available to all applications, whether it’s CRM or the accounting system for the business user, or the data lake/data warehouse for the data analyst or scientist, through delivery and synchronization.
  • Golden Record Compare: Accurate data is consistent data, gathered and compared from as many sources as possible. The more sources of information within the business – which results in more data being compared – then the more accurate the data becomes. The Naveego platform constantly monitors the data from these source systems to ensure the data is consistent and therefore, accurate.
  • Automated profiling of data sources at the edge (machine learning): Naveego’s agent-based profiling capability processes data locally, eliminating the need to move the data. As a result, the platform can profile data sets that would be too large to upload to the cloud, and security is improved since the data is not moved. Naveego can detect sensitive data patterns as well, such as social security numbers, and inform the user before that particular data is moved from the secured network.
  • Automated profiling of any data source including IoT: Users can instantly profile data from files, databases, APIs and more using Naveego’s built-in plugins and connectors.
  • Automated data quality checks driven by machine learning: The platform automatically detects data quality issues, suggests quality checks to the business, and monitors the data to ensure it stays clean. It can also cleanse data as it is read from the data source and then send the clean data back, resulting in a rapid, automated data cleansing process.

“The ability to achieve golden record data has typically been available only by hiring a systems integrator or other specialist, at a high cost and TCO to the enterprise,” said Katie Horvath, CEO, Naveego. “The next generation of our Data Accuracy Platform is truly a game changer, empowering business users to access trusted data across all data types for analytics purposes, entirely on their own with an easy to use, flow-oriented user interface – and at a significantly lower cost. This is sure to disrupt pricey legacy solutions that require vast amounts of professional resources and on average five times longer to deploy.”


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