TEKTELIC eDoctor IoT Solution – See it at IoT Evolution Expo This Week in Miami!

Telemedicine has changed the face of healthcare over the last decade and especially during COVID-19. Technology is wondrous and it allows us to take care of ourselves and monitor vital functions like never before.

You may have had an MRI which allows doctors to look deep inside our bodies to spot cancer or other problems. These machines are getting better but Moore’s Law has allowed tech to not only get better but also smaller.

We do not yet have an MRI that can fit in your palm but it is amazing to see how far health monitoring tech which fits in your hand has come.

TEKTELIC will be showing its eDoctor IoT Solution at the IoT Evolution event in Miami, Florida, June 22-25, 2021 – part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW. It is an absolute wonder of power in a compact form factor that sits just below your chest.

It can monitor temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, chest expansion, activity factor, 3D body position and fall & impact.

It is a great companion for the workplace to make sure people are not sick or injured. Nursing homes or an at-home parent could benefit from this device – as can an organization that wants to make sure COVID-19 isn’t spreading.

TEKLELIC has a range of IoT devices in fact. We see them as an ADTRAN of IoT. They make great sensors and products which can help companies solve real-world problems.

As technology has improved over the years, sensors have been developed to truly bring the wonders of medicine to individuals without the need for a doctor to monitor them 24×7. To date, technology has not replaced the need for your doctor but it can monitor a wide range of metrics allowing your doctor or caretaker/employer to be notified if you have a looming medical problem that needs attention.

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