IKIN Unveils Its ARC Made-for-Purpose Display Terminal at ITEXPO

IKIN just launched its amazing 3D holographic device which projects holographic content in large format, enhancing business and consumer applications. It enables end-users to collaborate through projected 3D volumetric content. ITEXPO is taking place June 22-25 at the Miami Beach Convention Center and IKIN is located in booth 152 throughout the exhibition.

The ARC boasts a 32-inch display that allows users to fully engage with holographic images in space. The ARC projects images in ambient light, and does not require any head gear or goggles, allowing individuals or small groups to create and manage holographic content. The ARC complements IKIN’s RYZ portfolio, which includes a software development kit (SDK) that facilitates the inclusion of 3D volumetric holograms in new and existing apps and applications, as well as the RYZ Appliance, a holographic display and second screen device scheduled for launch in early 2022. The RYZ SDK is integrated with the highly-rated Unity Technologies development platform, providing drag-and-drop functionality that allows developers to add holographic content, perception tracking, and gesture control into existing and future applications, heightening emotional engagement and elevating impact.

Joe Ward, IKIN’s chief executive officer

“We are excited to unveil the ARC at ITEXPO and provide a glimpse of some of the many innovations we plan to bring to market over the coming year,” noted Joe Ward, IKIN’s chief executive officer. “The ARC brings holographic display to a whole new level by providing a larger format for users to interact with volumetric content. We look forward to demonstrating this technology at the event and showcasing how it can substantially enhance collaboration and engagement in business and consumer settings.”

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