An Army of Mobile Bloggers

As scary as it sounds while I was mobile blogging from Dialogic Connections last night, little did I know Martyn Davies from Dialogic was taking a video of me as well which ended up on YouTube. If you want to know what the future of technology is, here you go. Armies of people becoming video and photo journalists. These people will be taking photos and videos of everything.

If this sounds stupid to you, talk to your kids. The next generation is going to be documenting the world as they live it. Text-based blogs will become laden with video and photos.

YouTube is one place where much of this content will end up. If you look at the explosion of user-generated content due to faster wireless networks and better mobile devices of you realize the YouTube opportunity for Google.

For those who think Google overpaid, they may not realize the massive amount of free content Google will have access to.

Google will take a video like this and realize it has the word Dialogic in it. It will then show related ads (text at first and then audio/video). It will generate revenue without human intervention. Thanks to Martyn for reinforcing this concept in my mind.

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