Avaya Facephone Prototype Announced

At ITEXPO West 2009 in Los Angeles, Avaya made news at their Social
Event when they announced a prototype of Facephone, a rich
application which integrates multimodal communications with social
networking. It is a communications network overlay on Facebook which
does not require users to be friends before communicating.
One application of the solution is to blend the best of customer
contact and social networking. One simple problem this application
solves is allowing users to connect with one another more seamlessly.
For example, customers who need to call a company and want to utilize
a Facebook page to make the connection.
A live demo showed how presence and availabilty integrate to allow
more intelligent communications. For example if you wanted to get
someone’s attention when they are in a conference call you could enter
a subject and make the call.

The recipient can query the Facebook page of the caller before taking
the call. Even if the caller is unknown to the recipient, they can be
informed before they take the call.

This is definately the
evolution of the contact center – the future of social media CRM we
all need to be aware of.



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