Heading to SpeechTEK 2010

I am headed down to SpeechTEK 2010, a show I have attended for over a decade. I am pretty sure I never missed one of their NY-based events usually held in the Marriott Marquis Hotel located in Times Square. I’m on the train right now and am early enough that I get to walk to the hotel from Grand Central Station. I just love walking when the weather is nice and I think a great part about life for those who live and work in NYC is they get to walk if they choose.
My last trip to New York last week started out very well until I didn’t check the number on the subway car I entered. From there the trip went downhill, way downhill. Note to self and readers, the numbers and letters on subway cars are very important.
While lost in the bowels of the subways of NY I remembered there is an app which helps tourists like me find their way on the subways. Alas, there is no AT&T signal down in the subway so there was no downloading. And BTW the day was so hot and muggy that walking in a wool suit wad not advisable.
Anyway, let’s hope today is better. I’ll be in wall-to-wall meetings as usual and will get a chance to hear the latest and greatest in the world of speech recognition and technology.

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