NexTone/ReefPoint Merger Happening?

Has anyone heard anything about this rumor? There is a small amount of buzz about it but neither company will substantiate whether it is true. I see positive reasons for such a transaction to take place and I can envision it happening for a number of reasons. The result of a NexTone/ReefPoint combination would be a stronger company with greater product depth. In addition the resulting company would become much more well-rounded and could likely have more leverage to compete in RFPs. Still, this is still in the rumor phase for now. Anyone who can add facts to this rumor are welcome to comment or write.
One last thought. If I had to choose, I like NexPoint better than ReefTone. 😉

  • jamie
    October 24, 2007 at 10:05 am

    its more than a rumor.. its happening

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