Obama iPhone App Gets Updated

After a few weeks the Obama ’08 iPhone application was just updated to
version 1.1. The new version has a few bug fixes and with a few weeks
to go to election, can’t be more timely. I had a chance to put it
through it’s paces and I must say it is impressive and I would imagine
all politicians should have mobile apps.
It does things like sort contacts in order based on their swing state
status, allowing you to call the most important potential voters and
sway them.
In addition, you can use the software to see the latest Obama clips
and and news and you can even see what Obama events are near you using
the iPhone’s built-in GPS.
In a potentially close election like this one, a little thing like an
iPhone application could mean the difference between who gets elected.
It is humbling to see how technology, and especially a touch-screen
device like the one I am typing on now could have the potential to
change global policies for years to come.

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