On-Screen Caller-ID

Living in Connecticut, quite often I get to see the rest of the country or world get exciting new technologies before I do. It seems Connecticut is not the leading place for companies to roll things out. AT&T for example rolled out its triple-play offering in Texas – more than a stone’s throw from my house.
So imagine my delight in letting my readers know about a new technology being rolled out which I can actually try out very soon.
What is this technology you ask? Simply, on-screen Caller-ID. Sure, I know this is nothing fancy as I have written about it for many years. But still, it is exciting for me on a personal level to be one of the first people to try something new out first.
So when I learned about Cablevision’s new offering I logged into my Optimum Voice account and started looking for the settings I could change to take advantage of this new feature. After scanning the website for quite some time I could not figure out what tab it lived under.
After some digging I found that the setting apparently lives on channel 630 – not on the web. In addition it will be defaulted to the on position.
This is a smart move for the company because I am sure there are many customers who never check their web portal to modify their phone settings. Still, it would be nice to have information on the web synchronized with whatever lives on channel 630.
I haven’t been home to check this new free service out yet, but I am excited to now know whose phone calls I am ignoring without ever having to pick up the phone. 🙂

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