Optimum WiFi Speed Test

My car got hit in a parking lot this weekend and the person who drove into me was nice enough to leave a note and offered to pay for the repairs. Anyway I am at the auto body shop and buckets of rain started to fall the moment I arrived. Suffice it to say it seemed like a nice time to sit and get some work done. I noticed Optimum WiFi was responding well so I decided to run a SpeedtestX HD test on the iPad. Not bad results at 3.4 Mbps down. On a related note Optimum WiFi from Cablevision allows you to enter up to 4 devices into it’s system so their MAC addresses will act as unique identifiers. The benefit here is not having to type in a user name and password so at a traffic light you could quickly suck down a large email attachment etc. I am at my limit of four devices and I deleted one to make room for the iPhone 4. I tried to add the iPhone to my account via a Dell laptop and the iPhone 4. Both times I got an Apache server error message. I sent the error results to Cablevision and am awaiting their reply.


Update June 30, 2010:
I just received this email from the company about my challenge above:
Mr. Tehrani,
I wrote you an email earlier to your Optimum email address to let you know our engineers were working on the issue you had when you tried to register your device.
I am happy to report that the issue has been corrected and you can now register your device.
If you have any further issues, please let me know.
Thanks again for reporting the problem to us.
Name Withheld
Manager – Optimum WiFi

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