Telco 2.0 Draft List

Andy Abramson just laid out his top 10 picks of people to run a telco 2.0 company. It is an interesting premise as the typical service provider exec is focused on building a closed monopoly which excels through the use of lawyers and deft knowledge of the legal/justice system. Of course a working background in lobbying is quite a help in such organizations.

The typical “2.0” executive thrives on open APIs, co-opetition and other concepts which are typically foreign to organizations who thrive in industries where they are part of something that ends in opoly.

Here is his list Martin Geddes, Thomas Howe, Lee Dryburgh, David Beckemeyer, Alex Kurganov, Alec Saunders, Carl Ford, Stuart Henshall, Alan Duric, Will Stofega and honorable mentions James Enck, Jamie Siminoff, Jay Phillips and Erik Lagerway.

One wonders what role politics and turf protection would play in building a proper telco 2.0. On technical merits, I think Andy has done a fine job here. Well – I don’t know everyone on the list very well – but the many I do know make fine choices.

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