Amazon Echo now Integrates with Telzio Cloud Phone

Want to access Amazon Echo’s Alexa via your phone? Well, the good news is it’s as simple as dialing *0 on a Telzio IP phone and voila, you’re connected. Telzio is a provider of cloud-based HD-quality business phone systems which recently announced Hollywood marketing agent BOND as a customer.


What sorts of things can you do with this integration? You can have Alexa tell you a joke, purchase items or even change your thermostat settings – if you have your home automation system linked with the Echo.

“The Amazon Echo is one of the best new smart devices to hit the market in years,” said Peter Rank Schrøder, co-founder and CEO of Telzio. “Within a few days, we were able to go from idea to a live deployment integration where our customers were talking to the Echo through Telzio.” 

All Telzio customers can connect with their Amazon Echo as part of the service. New customers can sign up at the current price of $1 per month for all the features and the mobile app needed to start talking to Alexa.

Now, I am fairly certain no RFP for cloud-based phone service include integration with Amazon Echo Alexa – after all, this isn’t something that’s too common at the moment. But what it does show is Telzio’s commitment to adding new features and not even charging for them. In the process, they’ve added a powerful feature to their phone system thanks to the simplicity of API calls.

Here it is in action

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