Extreme Elements Enables The Autonomous Enterprise


Extreme Networks just announced Extreme Elements which in-turn enables the autonomous network and subsequently the autonomous enterprise. In a dynamic webinar, Dan Dulac, Vice President, Solution Strategy, and Abby Strong, Management and Marketing Leader said everything is changing – we are in a time of digital transformation. More devices cause more security risk.


Dan explained the inherent push-pull friction of balancing flexible software solutions with adequate security.

“How do we enable the digital world without sacrificing security,” he asked. “How do we unlock the friction allowing for agile business?”

Continuing, “It’s why we’re here today. To discuss how we get to the next level, the era of the autonomous enterprise.

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We combine architecture and human intelligence to create a different type of intelligence he explained.

“We need to take a fresh look at the key elements to make this work,” he exclaimed. “Digital transformation is a key element.  This is how we take tech and the digitization of tech and move to the autonomous enterprise.

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He added, we are connecting people, applications and tech together to make a nervous system.

Business owners think of their networks as a utility – it is always on. This is a good thing but we forget how important it is.

“Business fails if there is a problem with the network,” he exclaimed. “We believe in customer-driven networking.”

“Is your 20th century holding you back?” Abby asked.

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The new Extreme Elements is self-healing, self-driving, intent-based, can identify anomalous behavior, remediate, provide insights analytics and closed-loop automation with AI and ML; Security is all built-in.

It’s the nervous system of autonomous enterprise they said.

“Automation is a journey,” exclaimed Abby.

The Extreme open ecosystem combines Extreme and 3rd party infrastructure and lets it run in public, private and hybrid cloud. All API-based. This is built on top of all the Extreme products such as the X465 Switch, ExtremeCloud Appliance, the ExtremeAccess Platform with FabricConnect VPN which allows advanced network services to be extended to other offices and branches.

The idea is to be able to leverage compute close to devices at the edge, in order to reduce latency and cost

They mentioned repeatedly the human element is important but humans should do less fire-fighting and more strategic work. The idea is to let the network do more on its own.

Vertical markets which can benefit from this technology include education, retail and healthcare.

The bottom line is Extreme has the right idea here but networks are very complex and there are a lot of challenges in connecting disparate gear, software and operating systems which are inherently insecure.

Determining thresholds for anomaly detection in networks – understanding what the anomalies are and managing huge log files will be challenges of this centralized approach. Still, Extreme is differentiating itself and is onto something important here. Cybersecurity is holistic but networks and devices are piecemeal. Perhaps Extreme Elements can act as the bridge allowing enterprises filled with all sorts of programs and equipment to become better managed and secured.

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