Is Microsoft Windows Phone Really Faster?

At Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, Microsoft was touting their Windows Phone as being faster and offering 100 euro prizes to anyone who could perform tasks faster on their own phone than a Microsoft representative could achieve. If you lose you have to hold up the sign below explaining how you just got smoked.Speed is perhaps the only angle left in mobile phone marketing as ease of use and design are virtually Apple trademarks. The question worth asking is whether speed is a marketing slogan in search of paying customers or whether it is the buzzword which will slay the Apple iOS and Google Android dragon.

One exhibitor joked with me that the quad-core Android phones on display here at the show will no doubt beat anything Redmond has to offer. So even if speed becomes a reason to buy a Windows Phone, how does the company ensure that Moore’s Law doesn’t allow other devices to outdo it?

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