Microsoft Leverages New Google Data Sharing Policy

Microsoft comes out swinging at Google – saying the search leader has changed its policies to make your personal data more valuable to advertisers. While this is obviously true, the goal of all companies is to make more money and since Google makes most of theirs through showing ads, this data-sharing change makes lots of sense – right?

The first question which comes to mind of course is did you ever think we would get to a point where Microsoft would be calling out Google for being evil?

What this shows is how important search and the cloud are to Microsoft. The cloud is the future and MS needs to figure out how to compete more effectively in a non shrink-wrapped world.

Will this ad campaign be successful? Possibly but only if Microsoft backs it up with an online and TV campaign.

Redmond’s timing is good as there is an increased focus on privacy with an article in the New York Times even equating the Facebook IPO today with selling of your privacy.

The bottom line is Microsoft could have a solid strategy here to paint Google into an anti-privacy “we are evil” box.

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