NinjaRMM Credential Exchange is an MSP Game-Changer

One of the biggest problems MSPs face is managing customer passwords and tech turnover. The potential for one malicious ex-employee harming your business after they have gone is real. And time and productivity is lost when passwords need to be changed after a tech is no longer at the MSP.

NinjaRMM has a new feature called Credential Exchange in its version 4.2 which allows admins to assign the use of privileged credentials to specific organizations, devices, and a wide variety of individual management tasks. As a result, it provides a more seamless, reliable, and secure way of running scripts, installing patches and updates, establishing remote connection sessions, and more.

Technicians are able to leverage the assigned credentials without actually seeing or having access to them, which addresses a major security pain point. When you have over 100 technicians managing thousands of nodes, dealing with employee turnover and controlling who has access to what can be a compliance and regulatory nightmare.

Credentials are protected using encryption that meets (FIPS 140-2 Level 3) used in banking and finance.

Here are just a few of the practical use cases:

  • Patch management: Avoid failed Windows or 3rd party patches due to permissions issues by securely leveraging admin credentials.
  • Scripting: Run scripts flawlessly with a whole new level of control and flexibility.
  • RDP remote access: Experience a seamless 1-click connection to all devices using RDP.

Another great benefit of Credential Exchange is it allows MSPs to even better compete with in-house techs. Many companies use MSPs because they can be more secure than internal IT as the techs alternate, making it more difficult for nefarious behavior and inside attacks. This is because one tech could be taking over for another at any moment so covering tracks becomes very difficult.

Now, an MSP can also tell customers that password information is even more heavily restricted – meaning even more secure working and less of a chance of passwords leaking.

“With our largest MSP and IT partners managing thousands of nodes and over 100 technicians, secure access to credentials is an ever-growing pain point,” said NinjaRMM CEO Salvatore Sferlazza. “Dealing with employee turnover is not only a security issue, but a regulatory and compliance one as well. That’s why we’re excited to provide NinjaRMM customers with the most powerful and customizable way of managing credentials available from any RMM on the market.”

Salvatore Sferlazza

“Security is obviously top of mind not just for our customers, but for their customers, as well,” said Sferlazza. “Features like Credential Exchange allow NinjaRMM customers to position security as one of their key strengths and differentiators. At the same time, this new functionality also allows them to operate more profitably by shaving significant time off their day-to-day management tasks. Both of those things are especially critical for MSPs and admins working in enterprise environments.”

We believe this is a game-changing MSP feature but 4.2 has even more including:

  • Cloud RDP: Makes it easy for NinjaRMM users to establish seamless 1-click connections to remote devices using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol technology.
  • Node approval: Provides another important layer of RMM security by adding an approval process before new devices can be added and gain access to NinjaRMM.
  • Bitdefender integration: NinjaRMM customers can now enjoy complete integration with leading endpoint security provider Bitdefender. All configuration and management can be handled directly within the NinjaRMM console.

In all, Credential Exchange is great for MSP management, profitability and security.

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