Nubeva Brings Performance Monitoring, Security to the Cloud

As applications have migrated to the cloud, many questions still remain. For example, without a solid view of network activity, how do you manage security? Application performance? Outages? Compliance? Impairments, and so on.

Nubeva launched a few years back to manage these issues and more – the idea is to bring the monitoring and management solutions of the data center into the public cloud.

The company’s Prisms solution acquires all cloud packets, employs advanced packet processing and distributes the data to current data management tools.

Most recently, the company has partnered with Flowmon.

Nubeva helps Flowmon’s customers to get a mirrored traffic or IPFIX/NetFlow telemetry data in environments, where traditional L2 tapping simply doesn’t work. Thanks to Nubeva, Flowmon monitors both cloud and on-prem worlds, providing instant information necessary to resolve network performance issues, to identify optimization opportunities and to be able to guarantee that infrastructure across different environments supports business-critical services.

Flowmon and Nubeva turn cloud-based infrastructure into a transparent environment enabling effective user experience monitoring. Flowmon provides analytics while Nubeva ensures access to either raw network or telemetry (IPFIX/NetFlow) data. Nubeva Prisms tap, filter and distribute cloud packet traffic to Flowmon Collector equipped with built-in probe for flow generation. The Flowmon DPI engine enriches traditional flow telemetry with specific L7 items (HTTP/S, DNS, TLS, DHCP, VoIP and more) to bring instant insights, reports and analytics of specific application protocols. Collector is typically deployed in-cloud from AWS or Azure Marketplaces. Nubeva Prisms can send tapped traffic to Flowmon encapsulated in VXLAN or GRE tunnels. The configuration is as simple as setting the destination IP for mirrored traffic and decapsulation method on the collector.

In addition, their new NetFlow/IPFIX solution allows IT teams to use a Nubeva Prisms agent, or other cloud tapping service, to aggregate raw packet flows and send the flow of data to Nubeva’s Elastic Packet Processor (EPP) for processing.

Nubeva presents companies with the ability to manage cloud the same way they manage their internal IT. They can now go back in time and reconstruct problems to see how they started and potentially find hackers who have accessed systems. They can also ensure compliance.

Over time we expect the corporate need for packet monitoring in the public cloud to increase and Nubeva is positioned well for this trend.

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