Italtel Helps CSPs Benefit From WebRTC and NFV

I had a dynamic conversation with Italtel’s Frederico Descalzo at MWC 2014 I learned about how the company is providing next-gen solutions for carriers, enabling them to maximize the potential of WebRTC and the transition to the software telco through NFV and SDN.

The company built its own cloud-ready SBC which was more scaleable and better at handling media conversion and transcoding on a session-by-session basis than those provided by typical vendors in the market he told me. In their implementation, virtualized functions for media and signal handling allow the product to scale at the customer prem or in the cloud. He said carriers are concerned about NFV and whether they can deal with IP+IT+telco merged together. As a result, they built an NFV-ready product to be deployed in a virtualized environment from VMWare or Microsoft or alternatively, it can be deplyed as hardware.

With regards to WebRTC, many of the company’s customers see it as a threat and an opportunity. Italtel has an application server which works with their SBC to enable existing conferencing applications from Cisco, Micrsoft Lync and Tandberg to communicate with WebRTC endpoints. It is a pure software solution, ready for cloud deployments and has a flexible licencing model according to Descalzo.

The value add that the company brings is in interworking experience and integration with existing provisioning portals for web conferencing orchestration as well as the agility which enables them to engage with third parties to successfully deploy solutions in vertical markets.

“We have two-week sprints for our R&D,” he explained, we don’t have a new product every six months. He said this is crucial in a world where browser builds can be updated nightly. Finally, he said hardware solutions cannot keep up with the web.

Frederico says the company is between the tier one companies like Huawei and a startup. As a result, he says they have ninety years of working with telcos, meaning they can move quickly while having deep knowledge of legacy systems. This allows the company to act as an advisor to CSPs in order to indentify a winning strategy to take advantage of the latest technologies.

In order to learn more about the technologies mentioned in this article be sure to attend WebRTC World June 17-19 in Atlanta, GA and Software Telco Congress Aug 11-14 in Las Vegas which has a focus on NFV and SDN.


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