Apstra Intros Network Automation OpEx Calculator

Apstra just released a Network Automation OpEx calculator that provides a way to measure potential savings from deploying Apstra. The calculator guides people through a detailed analysis covering all the steps in designing, building and operating a leaf-spine data center architecture.

In the calculator, you start by entering the day rate of a systems engineer and project manager. From there you fill out scope and design requirements – from there, implementation and testing specs and finally, operations.

The calculator then shows the difference between the “existing” approach and using Apstra.

Savings calculators are a good way to sell solutions – they give cover to the decision-maker(s) in an organization looking to implement a solution.

According to the company, this is how the OpEx savings breakdown. Apstra customers achieve 23.94% savings for Scoping requirements, a 72.99% savings at the Design stage, 82.26% savings during Implementation and Test, and 75.00% during on-going Operations.

Sean Hafeez, Director of Business Development, APAC at Apstra

“What is especially significant is that the bigger the installation, the bigger the savings,” said Sean Hafeez, Director of Business Development, APAC at Apstra. “Without Intent-Based Networking, doubling the number of switches almost doubles the amount of labor for configuration and verification. But with Intent-Based Networking automation, it makes little difference whether you are dealing with 10, 100, or a thousand switches.”

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