Trixbox Buyer’s Club

Airlines have frequent flyer programs. Hotels have them. Credit cards have them. I am sure you were wondering why the open source communications community to date has not thought to also have a frequent buyer program. C’mon. Be honest. I know this is what keeps my readers up at night. 🙂

Responding to industry demand or just emulating what has worked in countless other industries, Trixbox now has something they call a Buyer’s Club. They say this club is their way of giving back (OK I paraphrased a bit) to the open-source communities of Asterisk and Trixbox.
What you get is discounts on 1,200 products which will live in the virtual store called of course — trixStore.
The Buyer’s Club discount also extends to Fonality’s new trixbox Appliance and trixbox technical support packages.
What do I think? I think all open-source related activity should be free and the store shouldn’t charge at all. Yeah right 😉
The idea is sound and certainly frequent purchasers such as resellers should get a reward for buying more. I wonder if the company will take the next step and start offering gold, platinum and executive platinum levels of this program.
I can see the free upgrades and other offers on their way. Hey… Whatever works. I fly American Airlines now more than ever because of the status I have achieved with this carrier. I would likely do the same in the world of open-source communications products and services.

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