Cavaliers vs. Pistons

Last Night I had floor seats to the Cleveland Cavaliers/Detroit Pistons game. It was a great experience and the crowd was amazing. It was deafening but exciting. I got to see many of the players close up. The Cavaliers won the game by one point two points so it was a nail biter to the end.

LeBron had an off night but Anderson Varejao was amazing. He played defense like a champ and was no slouch on offense. The game seesawed with the Cavs down 6 and then up 6 within minutes.

I got to the game in the second half and the foul shooting was at about 50% the entire second half.

Apparently I was on TV which is great. I was under the Cavs basket on the left hand side.

Oh and I also got to see Usher who is a part owner of the Cavs.

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