To all my religious (and other) friends I would like to wish you a happy religious week. In order to not play favorites here I would like to send a religious greeting to all of my friends and will use alphabetical order to ensure no one religion takes precedence.


To my atheist/agnostic friends (lets face it there are only agnostics – really no atheists) happy week. I hope your days are enjoyable and you and your families are healthy and happy.


To my Christian friends – Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter. Have a great weekend and enjoy!


coexistTo my Muslim friends – Happy Mohammed’s birthday – which was this week on Monday. Hopefully you are all having a great year.


To my Jewish friends, have a Happy Passover and enjoy your matzo this week.

To all other religions of the world – I love you too and have a great week and healthy and happy year.

Recently I saw a shirt in a store in Ft. Lauderdale, FL just after the Internet Telephony conference that said Coexist on it but it integrated the symbols from the three religions above. It is worth looking at this site to learn more.

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