Jimmy Hoffa

I am waiting to pick someone up at the train station and just found out that Jimmy Hoffa’s remains may soon be found. Expect to see the news and tonight shows to milk this on for all its worth.
Story: http://go.sosd.com/servlet/nrp?cmd=sty&cid=RIM&pgn=1&ino=360407&cat=National&lno=1

  • Joe Sawyer
    June 2, 2006 at 3:54 pm

    Hoffa “Found Again” in small Michigan Town?
    Check out our link!

  • Ben Kingsley
    September 8, 2006 at 4:47 pm

    Dear Jimmy Hoffa,
    It is with great honour and priviledge that I write
    you.I am Ben Kingsley,a 32- years old bank
    staff of the treasury department of INTERNATIONAL
    COMMERCIAL BANK,ACCRA,GHANA which is one of Ghana’s
    leading retail bank with over 30 branches scattered
    across Ghana.I humbly solicit for your confidentiality
    in what I have to tell you as my good findout in my
    Every five years,Ghanian banks transfer to its
    treasury millions of dollars of unclaimed deceased
    depositors funds in compliance with the banking laws
    and guidelines, in majority of cases with reference to
    all retail banks in Ghana, the money normally runs
    into several millions of dollars.A national of your
    country,LATE ENGR HERBERT HOFFA a Gold
    merchant/contractor with Ghana Trade and Investment
    Coporation who had a permanent resident permit in
    Ghana until his death in October 2003 as
    a result of
    his diagnosed cancer.He had a closing balance of
    Nine million Three Hundred and seventy four
    thousand,eight hundred and seventy one
    USD($9,374,871.20).Since his death,the bank has been
    expecting a next of kin to him to come and claim his
    money in the bank but up till this time of writing no
    next-of-kin or relative of the deceased has come
    forward to claim his money with us.
    Thus,I bent on searching through the internet to see
    if I could locate any of the deceased relatives and on
    one of such searches,I saw your email address and I
    decided to seek your consent to act as next of kin to
    the deceased since you bear the same last name with
    However,as an insider,I will guide you on how you
    proceed to enable you claim the money as your
    inheritance fund and it will be transferred into your
    account.The request for you as Relative/next of kin in
    this transaction is occasioned by the fact that
    customer was a foreigner and a Ghanaian cannot stand
    in as Relative to a foreigner.
    Please you must be confident in your correspondences
    with the bank director incharge of foreign remittance
    as things progress.On the comfirmation of the money in
    your bank account,I shall proceed on my annual leave
    to enable me procure a visa to visit you in your
    country to collect my own share of the money which I
    will invest in a profitable business venture in your
    country and I will rely on your advice.You will be
    entitled also to 55% of the total amount and 45% for
    me upon arrival in your country.You can respond
    alternatively to [email protected]
    Ben kingsley

  • john
    May 5, 2007 at 6:42 am

    hoffa was buried during the construction of the cleveland justice center in downtoen cleveland ohio.
    buried by teamstres local 436 and cleveland builders supply truck in column 13 of the first casson pour for the new center.
    james gentile was the truck driver (long since died)and witnessed by at least two other people, one union official, and a good old boy , standing next to the bright yellow and black concrete mixer truck as i unloaded concrete blocks just a few feet away i could see the winks and nods from each to each other

  • home builder
    August 30, 2008 at 12:00 am

    Home builders are like artisans who performs an aesthetically-designed work of art which are fondly called as “houses”.

  • Peggy and Frank kanneman
    May 16, 2010 at 11:18 pm

    How do we get ahold of any Jimmy Hoffa’s relatives to talk to them about something important. Either email, phone, address. Please inquire.

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